Dave Barry The Ugly Truth About Beauty

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No One Can Define Your Beauty Do men and women view beauty in different ways? In the essay “The Ugly Truth about Beauty,” Dave Barry answers this question in his opinion. Barry discusses his views on why women have low self-esteem and why men have a lack of it. Barry’s essay explains the differences between men and women when personal appearance is involved; Barry incorrectly explains how men are okay with being average, that most women have low self-esteem, and that women wear makeup with the chance of looking like the makeup artist.
Women are too focus on meeting social standards while men do not care how they appear to others. Most men think their appearance is around average normally they don't care about how they look to others or what others think about them. On the other hand, no matter what they are told by family and friends women tend to think of themselves as ugly. They have low self-esteem due to media standards and growing up believing they have to look like a barbie, society's twisted version of perfection. Barry commented, “Girls grow up playing with a doll proportioned such that, if it were human, it would be seven feet tall and weight 81 pounds… of which means 53 would be bosoms” (Barry par. 5). This is a social standard that women feel they need to meet. In contrast, men would never compare themselves to others;
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It is clear that Dave Barry believes that men and women’s views are much different from each other. In the end, it is important that we let men choose how they view themselves, that women have the right to be good enough, and that anyone can use any makeup preferences they want without them being accused of trying to become someone

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