Dating Your Smartphone

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Dating Your Smartphone In society today, most people at least own a smartphone. This is one of the most useful pieces of technology a person can have because it has many purposes. A smartphone can be used to communicate with people in multiple ways and usually it is a good thing. With cell phones, people have the possibility to constantly communicate with others now. There are many ways for people to be social with one another, but it seems caring about the technology is more important than being social. Relationships nowadays seem to be ruled by technology, specifically cell phones and social media. There is rarely ever a time when people do not have a cell phone in their hands. It is coming to the point where people seem to have a stronger …show more content…
It appears that everyone must update the world on everything they are doing at all times of the day. It is at the point where people only care about doing things so they can post it to a social media site to prove to others that they did it. People spend more time looking at their cell phones than enjoying what is happening right in front of them. Most do not even realize what they are missing because they are so focused on capturing a good picture or making a good tweet. People feel the need to always carry their cell phones on them just in case they need to capture something and this is not always a bad thing. Sometimes taking a picture or posting on a social media site is a good thing because it allows one to look back on that memory. It becomes a bad thing when people feel as though they cannot go anywhere without their phones for fear that they will miss something on a social media site. In "The Dirty Truth- Technology Is Ruling Our Life”, Maulik Shah states that “We are connected with social networking websites 24/7 and more than 30% of the day is spent on checking the news feeds and making updates. But we don’t call it a time waste; we call it utilizing time for interacting with loved ones (but over internet)”. He explains that we do not see putting so much of our time into social media as a problem and it is slowly starting to consume our lives. For some people, the only reason they do things is to see how many “likes” they can get. It is getting to be excessive how much people care about posting their lives to social media

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