Dating Is Difficult For Some People Essay

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Dating is difficult for some people. I am one of those people. After being alone and single for so long I decided to jump into online dating. After all, my chances had to be better since I was venturing out of my city for dates. At least that is what you would think. However, that is not always the case, as I soon learned. I went into this new to me dating world with an open heart. Perhaps, I was too naive. I now not only know what the term catfished means, but I can say with some embarrassment that I was not only catfished once, but twice.

I met the first man of my dreams through an online dating site. We hit it off immediately, emailing, and texting throughout the day and into the night. He quickly began taking up most of my time. I didn 't want to go out with my friends when I could sit at home and send messages back and forth with this gorgeous man who loved and adored me. He understood me like no one else, he said all the right things and after a few months he told me he loved me.

As I mentioned above, I was naive. I did not think anything of the fact that I only had two pictures of him. Us not using a webcam didn 't phase me in the least. After all, I wasn 't always webcam ready during our talks. There were nights when I was in my flannel pajamas with a mud mask on my face. I surely would not have wanted to jump on the camera and scare him away. We talked on the phone during the day, and texted or messaged at night. This should have set off warning bells in my head,…

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