Essay about Dating Is A Normal Yet Difficult Process Of Life

1078 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
Dating is a normal yet difficult process of life. Growing up with my friend who I called Bunny she was always the type of person who loves attention. When she got her first boyfriend I knew that he was not a good guy. During this relationship, he would hit her for talking back to him and push her against the wall. She was told by many people that she should to break up with him but she kept saying, “It was my fault not his.” and “I can change him.” She would walk in every week with new bruises on her body, but by the time she was in middle school his abuse worsens. He would not only verbally and physically abuse her, but now sexually abuse her as well. It was obvious to see that she did not like the way he was touching her. A weekly thing became a daily thing, and in the end she became suicidal and became very distant to everyone. Dating violence is a big problem which needs to stop. As kids turn into adolescent they believe they can get whatever they want whenever they want by pushing there “lover” around and can turn into sexual harassment. Both sexual and dating harassment can leave a long scar within a person causing psychological problem and insecurity that can be a long term effect to their adolescent mind. Problems that can be caused by both verbal and physically it can make a person become so insecure blaming themselves which can lead to a high risk so suicide. We need to teach teens and future generation that hitting someone or putting someone down is not the right…

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