Dates And Types Of Services Essay

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Dates and Types of Services:
His DDA case manager Heidi Pless on 5/2/16 referred Hunter Davis to counseling. 15 hours was approved to assess the benefit of counseling and to build a therapeutic alliance

Hunter has attended 13 sessions with this provider and his attendance has been good. His sessions have occurred at 45-55 minutes in duration. Session structure has consisted of building rapport and trust, identifying presenting problems in Hunter’s life, creating therapy goals, and discussing life events that are considered stressors for him.

It will be very important to build trust through a therapeutic relationship to open the channels of communication needed to address repressed memories of abuse. CBT, Exposure therapy, EMDR, and Narrative therapy will be employed to address PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, and child abuse and neglect. Behavior Therapy and Social Skills Training will be employed to help address ADHD and other conduct and disturbance issues. The following treatment goals have been established based on his current needs.
1 Discuss ways to effectively communicate his needs and wants to others without shutting down or becoming emotionally dysregulated.
2 Learn to be assertive not aggressive.
3 Maintain good personal and social boundaries around others.
4 Identify emotions and express feelings appropriately.
5 Decrease anxiety about enuresis.
6 Discern feelings from emotions and avoid operating on emotions alone.
7 Learn how to problem solving in…

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