Datavsusefulinformationcriticalsystemsprivacyconcerns Essay

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Data vs. Useful Information, Critical Systems, and Privacy Concerns
Jever Mendoza
University of Phoenix


Data has become a very important aspect to businesses. By gathering vast amount of data on consumers, businesses are able to anticipate what they might purchase and what they might be interested in. This helps companies stay competitive and see future market trends. Within the company, their internal operations also play a role in their competitive advantage by investing in systems that are critical to the company's success. Privacy concerns are a pressing issue when it comes to the gathering of data for company use.

Data vs. Useful Information, Critical Systems, and Privacy Concerns

In the age of technology
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Once you visit a company website their server will pass a cookies to your web browser about when you visit the site and also tracts your movements within the site and provides it back to the business. This includes all your personal information like name, address, and payment information so you don't have to fill out the same forms over and over again. This helps the customer by saving time and improves the business process. All these ways of gathering data is aimed at not only to try to stay ahead of market trends but to also increase revenue for the company. Businesses have many important aspects, organizations, and systems that play a major role in helping the company be successful. In my personal experience and opinion, the current system that is the most critical to the company I work for would have to be its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. An ERP is an internal system which is made up of integrated software modules that are cross functioning between multiple departments to support the business processes of the company. The ERP system also makes it possible to track the work flow from all departments to help reduce operational costs. I believe this is the most important critical system at my workplace, Rockwell Collins, because the ERP system allow the complete visibility of all departments and helps eliminate waste in the work flow transition from one department to another. When a

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