Dataclear Is A Business Data Analytics Company Essay example

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Dataclear is a business data analytics company, based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The company was founded in 1998 by Greg McNally, a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a PhD in computer science. McNally developed his skill working as a software developer for 15 years, “at Borland and Oracle” (Case Study, para.5). DataClear established itself in a market that was wide open and offered very rapid customer and profit growth. Within the first year of operation, the company’s sales hit $2.2 million (Case Study). The current DataClear website describes the company as “a team of industry experts, business consultants, college professors, data scientists and technical architects” (DataClear, 2016). DataClear provides business advisory services, technical advisory services, industry standard analytics, custom analytics and business intelligence services which include data cleansing and warehousing (DataClear, 2016). The case study poses the question as to whether or not DataClear should expand its services overseas in order to capture additional customers that might otherwise be taken by a possible developing competitor Visidat. Visidat’s pending entrance to the market offers DataClear their first real market competition. This of course is a concern for McNally and his team.
Case Study Question One The primary risk to simultaneous new product offerings and international market reach is cost. In order to fund both the company will have to finance the cost and experience a loss in cash…

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