Essay on Database Driven Organisations : Database

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Database Driven Organisations
To initiate about databases, they are valuable across the world by people as individuals or predominantly by businesses for various reasons in which I will evaluate below. The title derives from incorporating any amounts of data from small to large scaled into a base, a base is a foundation that brings this data into one area (usually software) for ease of access, management, processing and locating in an organised manner. Figure 1: Yell, (2016), Wok & Go Yell Page Screenshot [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 19 November 2016].
Moving on, the importance or usability of databases is global, this is because it is often very difficult for a person or business to manage heaps of data separately but a database offers the opportunity to contain this ‘data’ online or on paper through catalogues. A prime instance of a multiple database directory is Yell, this company has an online version of a database and offline version of databases for enforcing their users the chance to track nearly all businesses and their information in the world. This immensely large database is recognised everywhere for the ability to narrowly pinpoint the information or location of a stored business in a specific area that is demanded for their needs either a barber, takeaway, salon, dog grooming and any other business. To conclude, is the online version and the ‘yellow pages’ is the printed version.…

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