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Discuss the importance of data accuracy. Inaccurate data leads to inaccurate information. What can be some of the consequences of data inaccuracy? What can be done to ensure data accuracy? Data accuracy is important because inaccurate data leads may lead to such things as the closing down of business, it may also lead to the loosing of jobs, and it may also lead to the failure of a new product. To ensure that one’s data is accurate one may double check the data given to them, as well as has more than one person researching the data they are researching.
Project 3C and 3D
Mastering Excel: Project 3G
CGS2100L - Section 856

MAN3065 - Section 846 | |
1. (Introductory) Do you think Taco Bell was treated fairly by the mass media
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What is the shape of the trash compactor life cycle? The shape of the trash compactor is fad because it’s a novelty and has a short life cycle.
Write a one page summary on Chapter 11

Answer the following 2 questions and explain your reasoning:

1. Compare different pay scales. Decide if it is better to receive $300 a week or to be paid hourly at a rate of $7.50 per hour. What factors could affect your decision? This is a non answerable question for me because it doesn’t give the number of hours of work completed which is important to which number I choose for example if I worked more than 40 hours a week and only bring home $300 I’m not going to want to take that offer. Also when it comes to the $7.50 if I work 40 hours it’s the same as taking the $300 for it’s the same amount it all depends on the number of hours of work.

2. Conrad's Taxi Service charges $1.50 for the first mile and $.90 for each additional mile. How far could Mr. Kulp go for $20 if he gives the driver a $2 tip? 19

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