Data Sources Were Used When Completing This Needs Analysis Essay

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Two data sources were used when completing this needs analysis. The first was an eight question survey completed by various educators from a junior high school and the second was a formative assessment result from a ninth grade World Geography course. The survey was sent electronically to fellow educators that teach multiple subjects. The purpose was to see how a variety of disciplines utilize maps and graphs, how much analysis instruction is given to students, which areas students consistently show difficulties in and what are the barriers to student success.
The formative assessment is a four step analysis 9th grade students were asked to complete using the Koppen Classification for World Climates Map. Students completed the analysis after a lesson on the Koppen Classification system and had the content knowledge needed to analyze the map. Scores are reflective of their analysis skills, not a lack of content knowledge. At the time of the assessment students had already completed a unit on map types and how to identify different types of maps.
The survey consisted of eight questions. In regards to how maps and graphs are utilized in the classroom educators were asked how often they use graphics in their instruction. They were also asked to identify the subject they teach and which analysis skills are needed to show mastery in their content areas. These questions allow the facilitator to determine which skills are deemed important across multiple disciplines and…

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