Data Collection & Analysis And Analysis Essay

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Data Collection & Analysis
Data Collection
Surveys were conducted in the Jake’s Cafeteria during the day to guarantee that all the participants were day time Vanier students. This also insured that a mix of students from different programs were included into the sample. Before filling out the questionnaire, every participant was asked if they were a full-time student or not. The date and time of the distribution of surveys was random. The surveys were given to 30 Vanier students, 15 males and 15 females. (Questionnaire found on page 6 & 7)
Two interviews were conducted. Both participants were males and full-time Vanier students. The students were chosen at the Jake’s Cafeteria as well, however, certain criteria had to be met to be eligible to proceed with the interview. The first candidate had to be a student who worked to provide for his or her living expenses, and the second a student who worked just to have extra money or to spend on personal goods. Coincidently, the two candidates ended up being men. (Interview questions found on page 5)
A few issues were encountered with the distribution of the surveys. The first issue was that a student got offended because the option “Other” was not provided in the question asking what the student’s gender is. And the second was that students were not able to follow proper instructions when filling out the survey. Some questions weren’t answered at all and some students filled out questions they weren’t supposed to. Besides a few…

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