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Secure or Breached?
As technology is becoming more prevalent the manner in which we store information is changing. Gone are the days of information being stored into file cabinets. Instead information is stored in databases, a system of hard drives that stores information electronically normally accessible remotely. With this comes a rise in hackers and correspondingly a rise in security breaches, where hackers have access to sensitive information. Vulnerabilities are the root of all hacks. For businesses, they result in a decline in reliability. If an individual or a group wants to breach information, they will almost always find a way. With the increasing need for information databases, businesses have to weigh the risks of hacks. When
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In 2016 the largest data breach happened at Mossack Fonseca a panama law firm. The data contained information on wealthy people who invested money in fake companies in a tax evasion scheme. In the words of Lou Shipley a professor at MIT and writer for the Huffington Post the breach “sent shock waves around the world recently with the prime minister of Iceland stepping aside, Swiss authorities raiding the headquarters of the Union of European Football Associations, and relatives of the president of China linked to offshore companies”(Shipley). With breaches becoming more common its clear many are at a loss of what to do
Laws and Combating Cyber Crimes
With breaches becoming more common we are finding that the laws currently in place are not sufficient enough to protect victims and punish criminals. However, congress has been making strides in the right direction over the past few years. As of now most code is protected under the first amendment's free speech clause; meaning the writing of malicious code is protected. The use of such code is not protected under the first amendment and is a felony. However “it provides criminal penalties for either knowingly or recklessly releasing a computer virus into computers used in interstate commerce. Someone convicted under the CFAA could face a prison sentence as long as 20 years and a fine of up to $250,000.” (WGBH educational

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