Data Analysis And Data Of Data Essay

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Data integrity ensures that data is ultimately accurate. This is important when trying to analyze data that is stored in the database or data warehouse. Inaccurate data will lead to false results in reporting and analytics that will affect any business decisions that need to be made. When dealing with data integrity, having the full or complete set of data is a necessity. If only half or some of the data is entered than it cannot be considered accurate. There are several ways to ensure that data integrity is being followed by using: constraints, primary and foreign keys, and removing duplicate data from the database. When merging two company’s data into one data warehouse, data integrity needs to be checked using a technique known as data scrubbing. This process will help merge transaction data (OLTP) from a database to analytical data (OLAP) in the data warehouse.
Data scrubbing is ideally the cleaning of duplicate data, inaccurate data, or incorrectly formatted data. During the data scrubbing process, data should be checked for inconsistent spellings, and addressing of both customers and of the insurance company’s addresses. When merging customer and transaction data from both insurance companies, careful attention must also be given to formatting. The first step is for the new merged company to agree on a standard format for dates and times, then we can use middleware to help integrate the data. SQL has a command for converting dates to the default DDMMYYYY format. You…

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