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Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography
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'A Choice of Nightmares': Narration and desire in Heart of Darkness
CLIVE BARNETT Published online: 14 Jul 2010.

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`A C hoice of N ightm ares’: narration and desire in H eart of D arkness
CLIVE BARN ETT, U niversity of R eading, U K

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T his pap er considers the gendered organisation of narration in J oseph C onrad ’s Heart of D arkness. I t is argued that the text ® ctionalises its audience as an exclus ively m asculine com m unity of readers, b ounde d together b y shared interests and com m itm ents. T he discurs ive co nstruction of p referred reading positions is critically exam ined w ith reference to the m ob ilisation of disco urses of cannib alism and representations of fem ininity in the text. I t is argued that positive evaluations of the text, as a critique of im perialism or a com m entary on the hum an co ndition, are p rob lem atised b y consideration of the gender values inscrib ed in the texture of the narrative.

D isloca ting H ea rt o f D a rk n es s

Joseph Conrad’s H eart of D arkness is w idely acknow ledged to be a powerful m oral critique of imperialism. The stage upon which its universal themes are played out is King Leopold II’s Congo Free State at the end of the nineteenth century. Conrad had been to the Congo

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