Charles Darwin Biography Essay

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Throughout his life time, Charles Darwin was able to distinct himself from his peers as a scientific elite. The epitome of his work is demonstrated in his book on natural selection, allowing for a considerable advancement in the Theory of Evolution, as well as marking his name in history. His story begins in Shrewsbury England, February 12th 1809. The fifth son of a wealthy doctor Robert Darwin, and raised in an Anglican home, Charles had every advantage available to him. In 1817 his mother died, allowing him to attend a nearby Anglican school. In 1825, Darwin attended the best medical school in the UK, and although excelling in those classes was not hard, Charles found the lectures to no be of his liking. He began to lean more towards natural history, even joining the Plinian Society, a student run natural history assembly. Even at a young age, Darwin’s love for natural history showed. His father shipped him off to Christ’s College, where Darwin graduated with his degree. Even after his graduation, Darwin continued to study, even taking a geology course to better prepare to study natural history in the tropics. In 1831, a friend of his Henslow extended an invitation to join him on the voyage of the Beagle. It was to be a 5 year expedition charting the coastline of South America. Darwin saw this as a huge opportunity to study the geology and natural history while the Beagle charted the coast. Although slightly experienced in cataloging and dissecting marine species, Darwin concentrated on taking thorough notes and sending specimen back home for experts to …show more content…
It was this reaction that allowed for the assumption that his social environment wasn’t as hostile to the idea of evolution as was previously perceived. The initial 1,200 copies of the book sold out immediately, and the book also developed an international craze. In the beginning, critics compared

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