Essay on Darwin 's Views On Human Evolution

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Darwin’s idea has been born as an answer to questions in biology. He as the father of evolution contributed the most to our modern science. Even in this present his theories such as natural selection is still used, like a simple mathematical equation. We all know that two plus two equal four, however, did we ever question why? Taking this in consideration, his natural selection theory was based on idea:” Survival of the Fittest”. In which strong will survive and the weak will perish. However, some scientist believed that, “Darwin provided Hitler and the Nazis with a scientific justification for the policies they pursued once they came to power." ( ). Not only he pushed the boundary of racism and slavery for generations, in which in his believes was result of natural selection, and was essential in society. Also, he defined favored race, in which in his view it was White European . This root was later was used in Hitler definition of stronger, and demand white race. In Darwin’s understanding human were a considered to be “the crown of the universe”(),. On the other hand of Darwin’s theory we have “The Damned Human Race”, by Mark Twain , in his essay he proposed idea that human is lover then animal , therefore we are not on top of food chain . Moreover, our cruel and violent nature is worse than a animal instinct behavior. Twain throughout his research , criticize corrupt humans and their moral characteristics in the current society, showing that human is…

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