Essay Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution suggests that all forms of life have a common ancestor. Going by this theory even the plant lives and animals and human beings are all related. Through natural selection the ancestors have evolved, pass through various stages by undergoing genetic mutations. For instance a member of the specie might have gained a functional improvement and developed wings to fly, or four limbs to walk and hence differentiated into birds and animals respectively. Now there are several thousands of cellular systems but all of them were generated from one cell and multiplied with variations. Also survival of the fittest implies that the weak cells die out and strong lived on. When plants and human beings have single origin it is very clear that the various racial, ethnic and gender differences are all evened out under Darwin’s explanation which calls for a feeling of oneness.
Desmond and Moore (2009) in their work Darwin’s Sacred Cause argues that the background and reason behind Darwin’s theory was the abolition of slavery and the moral wrong enfolded in this practice. The book shows how the cultural movements and definitions motivated a scientific investigation and reached awesome theories which are respected and unchallenged even today. During times of slavery, blacks were generally not humanly treated by the whites and were treated as a different specie altogether. This theory of Darwin makes everyone rethink our origin and the irrelevance of the differentiation…

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