Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Darwin’s theory of evolution is a theory that is universally acclaimed by numerous scientists and citizens. Darwin’s general theory of evolution states that complex creatures such as us have evolved from more simplistic creatures over time and essential genetic mutations are preserved because they act as an aid for survival (Anon. 2002). This process is known as natural selection (Anon. 2002). Subsequently, Darwin argued that natural selection is an inevitable outcome of three principles caused by nature. Firstly, as stated above, the characteristics of a specific organism can be inherited or passed down from parent to offspring; Darwin also stated that the resources for survival are limited thus promoting competition within organisms (Boundless, 2013). Lastly, the organism will differ from each other given the strongest characteristic that is passed down (Boundless, 2013). Indeed, the Galapagos finches are one of the main organisms that assisted in verifying Darwin’s idea of natural selection, because when Darwin discovered the finches in 1836 he made a viable connection between the Galapagos Island finches and the ones that reside in the mainland of South America (Boundless, 2013). However, in the present day, Darwin’s theory of evolution is reprimanded by numerous religions such as Christianity and Islam because they disregard the idea of natural selection and evolution believing that it is God and only God who created all beings (8-2 Darwinism II).
To begin, when Charles…

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