Darrell And Diffrences In The Bully

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in the novel the bully darrell mercer the protaginist in the novel given by his english teacher mr mitchel.Mr mitchel encourages Darrell to read hatchet by gary paulsen,so he can build toughness inside and out .when reading the novel darrell and the main character in the book hatchet have some similarities and diffrences. In the book hatchet a young man named Brian is on a private plane going to visit has father.In contrast,Darrell doesnt have a father anymore, because his father died in a car crash .I found my evidence on pg 8 p2 it states "Darrells father was with them but then died in a car crash Another contrast with Darrell and Brian is that brian is rich and darell is not .I know that brian is rich because he owns a private

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