Darkness And Light, By Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Essay

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As much as Americans push for equality, the realization starts to sink in that it is almost next to impossible. When the short story starts it begins, in the first paragraph, by stating the year and a few background details. In the time period of the story it states that nobody was more intelligent than the other, nobody had better looks than another, nor was anybody stronger or more pristine than anybody else. This was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments of the Constitution which was upheld by the United States Handicapper General. In Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. presents the idea of darkness and light, by showing that even though people have their own qualities they still are all the same people at the end of time. Intelligence wasn 't appreciated or tolerated in society in the year 2081.If a person is well suited in brightness and skill, according to the Handicapper General then it is required to always wear a mental handicap radio in their ear. To keep people from taking advantage of their brains, like George, the transmitter sends out excruciating sharp noises to keep this from happening. Hazel, Georges wife, having no mental handicap had to ask him what the latest sound had been. “Sounded like somebody hitting a milk bottle with a ball peen hammer” Vonnegut explains as one of the sounds buzzing throughout Georges ear. Hazel then says that if she were the Handicap General, that she would have chimes going through the transmitters on sundays.…

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