Essay on Daphnia Heart Rate and Kcl

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Juanita Sarmiento
Daphnia Ecotoxicology Lab Report

Introduction Ecosystems have a way of maintaining themselves under ordinary conditions but when a new factor is added that will most likely threaten the environment action needs to be put forth. Our environment is affected by many pollutants on a daily bases forming a threat to natural stability. For example some of the most polluted parts of the environment are bodies of water like that explained in our lab. Once pollution occurs animals can be affected in many ways even to the brink of death. In the lab the stream is getting pumped with salty potassium filled water that can kill daphnia, habitants of the stream, if the concentration gets too high. To prevent this a
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Before the lab a handout with information on daphnia should be read to familiarize oneself with the little organisms. For observation we are given a regular microscope, to use with it regular shallow white well plates and a dissecting scope, to use with it a see through 24-well plate. A small amount of water should be added to the both the white wells and about three or four of the clear wells. Now that everything is ready for the daphnia they are to be transferred to the wells be using a pipet that has had its tip cut of to a diameter of about 2-3 mm so the critters aren’t damaged. Write down any observations you see such as variables and movements and any ideas for a possible assay. Week two an assay system will be created using the variable that is chosen versus the concentration of KCl. The concentration we started with, was given, a 1:1 ratio of KCl to pond water meaning that half of the mixture is KCl and half is pond water. To perform this experiment we also need a control that would be 100% pond water. Two regular microscopes are used with the three well white trays. In one tray pond water is added to the three wells, half of the group will look at these and in the other the mixture of 1:1 KCl : pond water is added, the other half of the group will look at these. Daphnia are then

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