Sacrifice In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy

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What happens after we die? This is a question that has certainly crossed my mind several times. Dante Alighieri was a man who lived from 1265- September 1321 and was known for his poetry. One of the most famous poems in his work was Divine Comedy. I grew up in the Catholic Church and still continue to practice my religion, which is why he seemed interesting to me. The reason I admire Dante is because he was man with a lot to tell, in each of his stories he was able to give you a clear picture of what is going on in his poems. One that stands out to me the most is Divine Comedy where he tells the story of how Virgil guides him through Hell and Purgatory then Beatrice leads him through Paradise. That is similar to what I believe in my faith. For example, in my faith if you die with a mortal sin you go to hell, if you die with a venal sin you go to purgatory, and if you die with no sins you go to paradise. In his poem he is guided through similar afterlife places the Catholic Church …show more content…
The one main thing I admire about Dante is that he wrote Divine Comedy it is such an amazing poem that I do not think I can forget. Although the first time I heard of Dante was when I saw on social media that one of my favorite shows is based on his story of Inferno. After that I looked more into it and hearing about it in class made it even more interesting to me. There is plenty of reasons why Dante was my top picks: it is because I can relate to him a lot. When I was younger my mom tells me that I used to be able to look at pictures and tell a story in full detail even though it was all in my head. I think that Dante never lost that, he was always to keep his imagination alive which is part of the reason he wrote these amazing stories. I am sure people of his time did not realize what he had done when he was writing. He was brilliant man with a lot to

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