Dante's Divine Comedy Analysis

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The fresco is Dante and His Poem painted by Domenico di Michelino. This fresco was created in 1465 and is located in Florence in the Cathedral. This painting is based on the poem Dante's Divine Comedy.
In the poem Dante's Divine Comedy, Dante travels through all three planes of the afterlife. He goes to hell, heaven and purgatory. This fresco illustrates the story behind the poem. This canvas is divided into thirds. Each third allows us to see the artists interpretation of heaven, hell, and purgatory. This represents the three categories of cantos. In the middle of all of these places stands Dante himself. Dante is wearing a faded red robe and has the Florentines cap on his head. Laurel is wrapped around the bottom of the cap. There is alot
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There are seven layers of purgatory, each with something different going on. The bottom layer has the nude humans being judged by an angel. The next few levels have different versions of humans performing manual labor. They all seem to have the same goal of reaching the top. At the top of the purgatory "cake" are Adam and Eve. They have what looks to be "heaven on earth" with a very plush and green area. They are under a layered sky of different shades of blue. In this heavenly sky there are seven planets as well as the sun and the moon. The clouds in the sky have a unique shape. They almost remind me of a lightning bolt. The amount of detail that fits into this tiny space is amazing to me. The fact that the artist is able to create a true to form human so small is very impressive.
The right section, the section behind the glowing copy of "The Comedy Illuminating Florence," is in fact the city of Florence. How fitting and in your face, slap stick humor is it that the artist places a literal translation of the poems title to the side of the author. The poem has rays of light shooting out of it, illuminating the poem. Florence is detailed and shows us many different buildings that are really in Florence. For example, the Florence Cathedral and its beautiful dome. We can see flags flying and all of the beautiful architecture of the surrounding

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