Dante 's Inferno : The Divine Comedy Essay

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Dante’s Inferno: The Divine Comedy introduces a pilgrim who journeys through the different levels of hell to emphasize the divine grace of God and how Christian morality lays down the punishments of those who sin. In addition to this, Dante’s journey displays the importance of God’s grace and how it targets both the living and nonliving. Throughout the voyage, he observes the consequences of each sinner and how they were punished by the distinction of their sin. As a result of this journey, Dante realizes there are several circles of Hell and by each level they differ according to the disapproval of Christian morality and the divine grace of God. Christianity plays a big part in developing the levels of Hell by punishing sinners based on their sin, observing the grace of God, and allowing the pilgrim to witness the different levels of Hell while still living in his own flesh. In contrast, we can take a closer look to determine the seriousness of God’s grace and how it affects the souls in the underworld.
Christian morality lays down the punishments in which each sinner shall be placed. The levels of Hell are divided into nine circles; each circle captures these souls that are guilty of one specific sin. The sins are based on how serious they are, from least to greatest, and each sin is judged in a way that is appropriate to the particular circumstances of Christian morality. In order to understand this action, one must be fully aware that Dante’s narration acts accordingly…

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