Dante 's Inferno By Dante Essay examples

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In Inferno by Dante Alighieri Dante travels through hell, guided by Virgil. Hell is divided by sin, with specific punishments for the different sins committed. Throughout the Inferno Dante the writer makes it clear that the punishments are designed to suit the sins committed. These punishments are cruel and violent punishments that are often times gruesome. Dante the writer wants the reader to feel nothing for these sinners suffering, since they are getting what they deserve. However, Dante the character is often seen throughout the book feeling sympathy and pity for the sinners in hell. Dante does this as a moral strategy to get the reader to feel what he wants them to feel. In having Dante the character show such humane emotions initially it causes the reader to create a bond with Dante and join him in his path to losing sympathy.
In canto xiii, the canto of those that committed suicide Dante is thoroughly moved by one of the sinners, which is frowned upon by Dante the writer. In this canto he walks into a forest and accidentally breaks of a piece of a branch. When the branch starts to bleed he realizes that the branch is a sinner and begins to talk with this sinner. Once the sinner had told his story Virgil told Dante to ask anything that he was going to ask but Dante replies " Now you must take my part/ and speak for me. I am unable to,/with so much pity tearing through my heart" (49). Dante the writer chose to represent Dante the character as a sympathetic character…

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