Dante 's Inferno And The Inferno Essay

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Throughout Dante’s Inferno, the narrator keeps doing one thing in particular: he sympathizes with nearly every sinner he talks to in many of the circles of Hell. Whether it 's for someone who lost their true love, someone who was put in a tragic situation, someone “unintentionally” involved in something sinful, etc, Dante feels sorry for them. Virgil, Dante 's guide, plays a big part in showing what (the author) Dante was trying to say- sinners don 't deserve sympathy. Sympathizing with sinners is discouraged throughout The Inferno and causes negative consequences for Dante the entirety of the poem. Before Dante tries to get his message through to the reader, he first describes/lays out the different types and severities of sins. In his poem, Dante writes, " 'Wherefore in such guise
Are they condemned?’ He answer thus return’d:
‘Wherefore in dotage wanders thus thy mind,
Not so accustom’d? or what other thoughts
Possess it? Dwell not in thy memory
The words, wherein thy ethic page describes
Three dispositions adverse to Heav’n’s will,
Incont’nence, malice, and mad brutishness,
And how incontinence the least offends
God, and least guilt incurs? If well thou note
This judgement, and remember who they are,
Without these walls to vain repentance doom’d,
Thou shalt discern why they apart are plac’d
From these fell spirits, and less wreakful pours
Justice divine on them its vengeance down.’”
Virgil is speaking here, explaining the types of sin and the severity of each…

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