Dante Alighieri's Impact On Society

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Dante Alighieri’s Impact

Impact, as defined by Merrian…….., is
A great deal of historians would most likely agree the Renaissance marked an immense progress on society itself. These historians would also second that the Renaissance marked the rebirth of society. As a matter of fact, ‘’Renaissance’’ means rebirth in French. The Italian Renaissance began in 1330 and ended in 1550. It is credited the author ‘’Dante Alighieri’’ was one of the leading figures into the Italian Renaissance. Dante Alighieri’s writings revolutionized cultural elements of society, such as religion, language, and political affairs.
Dante wrote many novels which led to immense impacts on society; however, some works are
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Instead of focusing his writings in tragic heroes and emotionally connected stories, Dante pictured himself as the protagonist and the writings’ actions mainly occur when Dante interacts directly with the dead. Usually ancient poets, like Homer, used to commemorate the eminence of their respective country. On the other hand, Dante chose to focus on biblical figures, such as Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven in order to harmonize Europe’s Hellenic past with Christian present. Choosing a different focus point of his writings, Dante was allowed to navigate into different styles of writings and make himself an out-of-ordinary and creative individual with massive religious influence.
Dante Alighieri’s impact was so significant he is believed to have started a new era in Italy and some may go as far as to say the world. Dante Alighieri is sometimes deemed to be the most important poet of the Renaissance. Individuals even argue that the Renaissance began with the works of Dante Alighieri. Because of Dante’s poems and works, he is believed to be the most important poet of the
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‘’The Divine Comedy’’ reflects Dante’s final touch on the subject of human happiness, on the option of achieving happiness by natural means. The book depicts a story of Dante going through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven; however, if we dig deep enough, the epic poem actually is an allegory of the trajectory of a soul towards God. The enticing story drew connections to the Church and is awarded for being one of the most, if not, the most, memorable epic poem ever created. É significativo que o acompanhante de Dante seja o próprio Virgilio, autor de um outro grande poema épico: Aeneid

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