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What Tangled Webs
What Invading Spiders Can Teach Us About Fear
By Paul Asay
What Happened
It’s two months before Halloween, but no matter: Rowlett, Texas, is looking pretty creepy these days. The Dallas suburb has the long-jawed orb weaver to thank for it.
Drive down CA Roan Drive in Rowlett, and you’ll find the trees there are covered in gigantic webs—some 40 feet tall—and filled with thousands of spiders that got together and built a gigantic, creepy communal home.
It’s not the first time Rowlett has been home to these massive webs. In 2007, nearby
Lake Tawakoni State Park welcomed another infestation of long-jawed orb
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Further, if we’re not worried about school, there are plenty of other things that can strike fear in all of us: new jobs, old relationships, tasks and appointments we’d really like to forget or avoid. Sometimes they inspire just a little bit of unease. Other times, they strike terror in our hearts. Our fear can entangle us as effectively as a mass of webbing might. Let’s face it: There are some things and situations which we should fear, but often our fears are a little like those webs in Rowlett: What we see or imagine is far more fearsome than the reality. When we have reason to fear, sometimes the best thing we can do is face the fear with God’s help. Sometimes, whatever we were scared of might help us in ways we can’t imagine now.

What are you scared of today? What are you dreading? What would you like to run away from, and why? Why does it make you fearful? What might help you ease that fear?
Have you ever been scared of something that turned out to be not such a big deal?
Have you helped your friends through their own fears on occasion? What did you say to help them?
Has your faith helped you through scary times? How? Do you think God is with you when you’re scared? Do you ever feel His presence? When?
What the Bible Says
“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and

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