Danny Padgitt Parole Hearing Analysis

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Chapter 34
I put the story of Danny Padgitt parole hearing in the Times newspaper and sent it to all to the people that was there. After I did I got a letter from the guy I got into an argument sent me a very angry letter. I told Harry Rex about it and he told me the guy wasn't going to do anything. Miss Callie and I had lunch this week and she told me she was going on a diet to help her body out. I showed her the two letters I got from Sam. He in Canada taking college classes and Miss Callie was really happy to hear that. I kept going to all those churches and kept writing what was going on. When I left church i saw someone from Danny padgitt trial, it was Lenny Fargarson we got to talking about it then he his mother came to ask me did u want to join them for lunch she wouldn't take no so I went and it was nice line Miss Callie. Lenny's parents kept asking about the
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Many people was happy about it but some wasn't so they made some complaints about it and that got a public hearing. At the public hearing, I talked about how if they put this store up they shutting down a lot of business. The city council members heard all the people that protested but they still prove of the store and later the store open and all the store around it started to shut down. One day a guy came asking to buy the Times, the whole company of the times. I looked at all my financial stuff and I just couldn't sell it.
Chapter 36
A year or two passed Danny was up for another parole hearing even though I was banned from the hearing. I still went anyway, I wanted to take people down there to say wanted to keep danny in jail. Only people that was there was the sheriff and baggy. Since not people came Danny got his parole approved and the people of the town was unhappy but it lasted a decade until they calm down. The day danny got out of jail, Baggy tells that Jeri her was brought up by the Senator Theo Morton.

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