Essay on Dannon Case Study

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The Dannon Company is US subsidiary of the Danone Company that was founded in Spain by Isaac Carasso in 1919. Isaac Carasso created an innovative yogurt product using ingredients obtained from Paris, which were used to treat intestinal disorders. Isaac’s son, Daniel went on to found Danone in Paris and after Isaac’s death in 1939, he immigrated to the United States seeking a safe-haven after World War II (Marquis, 2010).
In 1942, Carasso founded Dannon Milk Products, Inc., changing the name from Danone to Dannon in order to sound more “American”. During this time, the market for yogurt in the United States was almost non-existent. Carasso had two successful breakthroughs, first in 1947, introducing “fruit on the bottom”
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1) Should we communicate Dannon’s CSR Activities? 2) What would be the best way to communicate Dannon’s CSR Activities? 3) Should the communication be corporate or brand level? 4) What would our parent company Danone, think about this decision? 5) How would communication CSR activities affect the current CSR efforts?

To address the question of whether or not to communicate Dannon’s CSR Activities, several of the contributors began with outlining the benefits and risks. First Arosio stated that consistency in the marketing message can be demonstrated, leading to increased consumer confidence, when Dannon’s CSR message is communicated to the public. Further, Pollock believes that by communicating the nutritional benefits of the products, thus establishing Dannon as a nutritional expert, this message would align both the business and social mission of the company. Finally, in a well-constructed marketing campaign, Binny believes that both Danone and Dannon could be aligned to a company-wide commitment to health and nutrition giving credit to those who have already worked hard to demonstrate the

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