Daniel Flynn's Football Does A Body Good?

In Daniel Flynn 's essay, "Football Does a Body Good," he states his point of view on football and the way people should see it. Football is a dangerous sport that has caused many types of head injuries and other health problems throughout the years. This popular sport has caused many players to develop diseases later on in life such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, also known as CTE, Alzheimer 's, and Dementia. One of the NFL 's most pressing issues is concussions, which can have life-changing health effects on the football players.
For instance, a concussion occurs when an outside force causes the brain to move violently back and forth and hit the wall of the skull. A concussion usually occurs when players collide violently into each
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These players have a more intense position on the field, which may cause concussions endured by these players common. Therefore, many lawsuits have occurred because NFL did not inform the players of the long-term effects of concussions. According to Daniel J. Flynn, "In March, the NFL came down hard on the New Orleans Saints, whose bounty program offered financial incentives to the defenders for injuring opposing players. More than 1,500 players have joined lawsuits against the league for not informing them of the dangers of the game" (Flynn). The NFL 's concussion issue will be more pervasive today, since it influences the players, as well as the league. Robinson comments, "No doubt the NFL is fearful that if the $765 million concussion settlement isn 't approved, its ultimate cost won 't be in the hundred of millions of dollars but rather in the billions" (Robinson). The NFL has a long-standing connection with concussions and has been unveiled by media and NFL veterans. Weller points out that "The judge presiding over the lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Anita Brody, recently finalized the settlement: Over the next 65 years, all retired NFL players can receive baseline medical exams, education services and payout formula based on illness and age" (Weller). The NFL has tried to make football safer by penalizing a player that hits another player 's head or …show more content…
Most players have a hard time continuing to have a healthy quality of life because of the pain associated with a concussion. Several players have committed suicide. Foster states, "In 2006, this fact became tragically clear when former Philadelphia Eagles star Andre Waters committed suicide by shooting himself. Subsequent studies of his brain indicated that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a form of brain damage that results in dementia and is caused by repeated blows to the head" (Foster). Several NFL athletes are rethinking their career due to the fear of a brain injury. Another football icon, Junior Seau, committed suicide in 2012. When studies of his brain were conducted, it was discovered that he too had CTE. Other former players that suffer from CTE have early forms of dementia. After Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Mike Webster retired from football, Brown states, “‘Iron Mike’ was tortured by blinding headaches and seizures. Addicted to painkillers, he sometimes had to stun himself repeatedly with a Taser gun to fall asleep. He talked of suicide. By the time he died of a heart attack at age 50, his body was worn out" (Brown). Many of the NFL veterans like Mike Webster have dementia or Alzheimer 's disease. Unfortunately, many other NFL veterans will probably have to suffer these devastating effects before a solution is

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