Daniel Defoe As A Writer Essay

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Daniel Defoe is a lesser known, but very famous, British author that deserves much more credit than he gets. Daniel Defoe was an author in England in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries even though at first he did not plan to be. Daniel Defoe, over his lifetime, wrote many political articles, journals, fiction books, and nonfiction books, many of which became very famous. Defoe was one of the first British writers to ever write a novel to become as popular as Robinson Crusoe and that book was one of the first books ever to become, and still be, popular world-wide. Daniel Defoe, beginning his life in a humble way, became one of England’s first famous and most inspirational writers. Daniel Defoe began his life in a way that many common, normal people did in England at this time. Daniel Foe was born in 1660 in London, England (“Daniel Defoe”). The exact date of his birth is not known due to the lack of documentation during this time about births (“Daniel Defoe Biography”). Daniel was the youngest of three children born to Alice and James Foe (“Daniel Defoe: Biography and Works”). James Foe was a merchant and a non-conformist (“Daniel Defoe: English Author”). The Foe family’s religion was Presbyterian, so they couldn’t send their kids to some schools that went against their beliefs. Instead they sent Daniel to an academy at Newington Green that was run by Reverend Charles Morton, who likely had a large influence on Daniel’s life and later literary styles due to what…

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