Why Do Violent Video Games Increase Aggression?

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Name: Sumaiya Bashar. Date: 21.02.2018
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Video Games should not be allowed

Nowadays, video games had been huge problem in the whole world. Violent video games are increasing more aggression on children behavior and have a negative impact on their lives. Most of people think that it should allow to children because, it will improve their critical thinking and also they will stay at home instance of playing outside. However, I strongly believe that video games are cause in increasing aggression adolescence more isolated toward
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They try to apply what they learn on the games on real life so that those children and adolescence behavior become very rude and offensive. Sometimes they forget differences between reel life and real life. Children spend more time in it so, it is natural to be habitude of this things. Also, Children take these video games as a role model and behave like the character which leads to aggressive behavior, obsessive language. As early childhood is one of the important part of every adolescence life and during this, whatever adolescence learn that learning will continue in their further life so the bad impact which adolescence take in early year it will also put impact on their future life. “In 2014 a study of pediatricians and parents showed that 90% of pediatricians felt that playing violent video games led to an increase in aggressive behavior in children” (10 reason violent). Violent video game is mostly increase children bad behavior they learn the technique how to fight and also for the wining they can do anything. Children who using more video games they are unaware of the real life and they always try to run away from any kind of problems. They are not using their brain to solve the …show more content…
Like that, some people think that, video games are also good impact on children behavior. Most of people allow video games because of their critical thinking will increase. They think children are work more critically by using their brain and they can solve big problem on their life in future, which is very wrong because if the children behave violently than we cannot hope anything “critical think” from the children. Secondly, some people afraid to take their children outside because of the risk and danger. So, those people allow to children playing video games instead of playing outside. I can say that, it’s not a good reason. Every children has to his own freedom, if they cannot go outside their mind and thinking will be remain limited. Also they cannot explore think from the outside of the world. Video games is not solution for the danger, I think video games itself danger for the children.

In conclusion, everything has a mirror image of positive and negative so we cannot avoid it. Video games are particularly harm for the children and adolescence. In that case, we should not allow violent video games at all. Otherwise, we will not see our future generation in right track.

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