Dangers Of Steroids In Sports

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Precarious Profession

There are a lot of sports that people can play today here in the United States, for example, American Football. American Football is one of the most popular and entertaining sports yet the most dangerous sports to play, especially for children. Athletes can get scholarships and an allowance from joining a sport, but they have to consider the dangerous situations that can happen, like brain damage. Athletes even use drugs to make themselves vigorous and an asset to their team. Players tend to think that side effects would not appear further down the road. While children are not similar to adults, since they are not fully developed and the impacts are twice as bad as the adults. Players needs to consider the negative outcome
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Most athletes use steroids to stay fit and brawny. Unlike children, they can stay fit and brawny by doing daily warm-ups in their school. Children can take Vitamin C as source of fruits and vegetables and to enhance physical performance. When youngster’s brain starting to mature, they will think that they need drugs to become stronger in sports. That is why athletes take steroids to achieve their goal of being professional athletes and do the certain tasks that are assigned to them. Some players take advantage of steroids by injecting it frequently. According to my mother, “Steroids make delicate people feel strong. The use of steroids is only for the patients who are sick. Some are taking advantage of it because they know that they can use it in certain things, like sports and bodybuilding. Steroids always have side effects” (Macapagal). Steroids have side effects. Most athletes that use steroids do not know the side effects that it can have. They only know that steroids can make them vigorous and firm. They can influence other players to use steroids to do well in the game. Also, when players get bigger and stronger, they can cause injuries to other players as well as to themselves. Certain injuries include bone fractures or brain swelling due to the high mass of the competitor. If athletes take a lot of steroids, they can damage their liver and cause a heart …show more content…
Children’s conditions are more critical compared to adults when they have injuries or impacts because their bones and brains are delicate. Some parents encourage their children to play a sport, but parents do not know the danger that they put their child in. According to the article “Why Do We Let Kids Play Tackle Football,” “Kids aren’t usually capable, physically or mentally, or implementing precise techniques, as five minutes on the sideline of any youth sport will demonstrate” (Fatsis 1). Children do not have the ability to memorize all the rules, instructions, and techniques of the game. Children always want to play the game at their own pace for enjoyment, unless they are really into sports. Usually, parents are forcing their kids to play sports to experience the actual meaning of recreational activity. It is not a bad decision to be active in sports, but there are some dangerous situations that children might experience. A teacher from Desert Oasis High School stated, “Children are weaker than the adults because of their bones, brain and muscular system. Children can die if the impact or injuries are critical. Concussions can affect their balance and lead to unusual eye movement. They can also lose oxygen after the concussion” (Nowak). Children are frailer than adults because their brains and bones are still developing. Impacts on a child’s brain can lead to a serious problem; they can have

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