Dangers Of Dangerous Sports Essay

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Nowadays, most of the children spend their time going to school. Some of their school works can be stressful for them. The only way for them to overcome their stress was through a variety of activities. Some children would prefer to stay at home and rest while others would prefer to play sports. There are variety types of sports that children can choose to play: each has its way of playing and rules. The problems with sports is that some parents don’t let their children play because they think that some sports are too dangerous for their children and can result in a concussion or broken bones. What they fail to realize is that they are in fact not as dangerous as some parents would think that they are. Every sport has its safety equipment to …show more content…
Daniel Flynn mentions, “the number of football deaths at all levels has fallen dramatically over the last half century.”(Flynn 622) People don’t realize that most dangerous sports require beginners to go through more training than other sport, so they can learn the basic of the sport they are choosing in order for them to play safely. He states, “rules changes and advances in equipment have made it safer.” (Flynn 622) When athletes play dangerous sports, they are protected by the materials that prevents any injury from accidents while attempting dangerous sports. People still claim with all the training and safety equipment there is still a high risk in the sport that kids are playing. In fact, they are safer and less likely to get an injury than people thought. For example, boxing is considered to be the dangerous sport because in the long term is can cause concussions to the head. There are equipment and physicians that make boxing safer such as gloves that were designed to prevent damage. According to Dr. Jordan in the article “Rebel Neurologists Say Boxing Can Be Safe.”, he has led “small groups of doctors in a campaign to make boxing safer by bringing medical supervision and research to the ring.” (Rosentha). Lastly, the fighter frequently has their brains scan and eye examinations to detect signs of injury before a fight happen. Since most of the sports have no limit, children can have the freedom to do anything they want, so this will enable the children to learn to improve and go beyond their

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