Danger Of Reality Show

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The Covert Danger of The Reality Show. If you grew up with MTV during 90s til 2000, you would be notice the transition of the TV programs at that time. A new wave called “Reality Show” defeated other TV shows rapidly, and gain popularity over the night. “Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents supposedly unscripted real-life situations, and often features an otherwise unknown cast of individuals who are typically not professional actors, although in some shows celebrities may participate” (Wikipedia). It presents the authenticity like documentary, but it’s more interesting. Because the creator put some content to make this show is more dramatic, for example, they set a competition, like singing, modeling, or …show more content…
Since the accomplishment can be pursued just by appearing on reality show, there are both positive and negative ways to get attention. Astonishingly, people tend to pay more attention with other flaws or scandals. “Viewers fell in love with the flawed humanity highlighted by reality television” (Rankin). As a result, contestants on the reality shows are going to behave whatever they want to do regardless, and all they need is gaining attention or fame. “Reality television has turned viewers into witnesses, shameful voyeurs of bad behavior” (Rankin). When media gives the value of inappropriate acts rather than encouraging people to be nice to each other, a manner of being good with others became a thing is not cool for the audience. “Unfortunately, Americans today spend far too much time being anything but excellent to each other” (Rankin). This is a terrible sign of our society, when a role model was distorted. “Perhaps worse is the fact that increasing numbers of young people are now looking to these programs for cues to live in the world” (Rankin). The lamentable feeling toward our next generation, who grew up with inappropriate medias, is difficult to solve. “Another common misconception about Temptation Island, a reality program in which couples were enticed to cheat on their partners, is that the audience was watching to see scenes of illicit sex” (Reiss and Wiltz). Because of media also wants to gain more rating so they can get more sponsors to run business. When money has more power than moral, and it was established this chronic issue to our

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