Obesity And Overweight People

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Every day people are concerned to enlarge their life expectancy. How long would you like to live? Have you ever thought about your lifestyle or your life standards? After reading this paper you might change your mind. Since 1980 worldwide obesity has increased more than double and most of the population in the world live in countries where obesity kills more people than underweight people. This is a great dilemma and contradiction. However obesity is preventable, so, what are the ways to prevent obesity? Currently, there are at least three hundred million of people worldwide who are obese and seven hundred and fifty million who are overweight. Obesity has increased rapidly and the repercussions in health are more than evident. The incidence of cardiovascular diseases has increased as well as hypertension, a certain type of cancer, type 2 diabetes and other obesity and overweight-related …show more content…
Unfortunately the countries which lead in obesity prevalence are China and United States. Overweight people and obesity are defined as an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in the body that might affect people’s health. Both obesity and overweight people are related to the body mass index which is a simple index of weight for height used to classify obesity and overweight persons. It is the most useful population-level measure and it is the same for adult men and women of all ages. In order to improve people’s quality of life, this paper argues that training individual health of people who are overweight and obese, regulating the food industry and making good public policies about public health are three ways to stop overweight people and obesity. People are focused to raise their living standards, in this way

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