Rabbit Beach Research Paper

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Beaches are often associated with calm, relaxing, and enjoyable memories. They are popular vacation destinations, and travelers look for beaches with the most to offer for their visitors. Every year, websites such as Trip Advisor, National Geographic, and Travel and Leisure publish the highest ranked beaches in the world based on a few different criteria. The criteria include dining, outdoor activities, accessibility, and landscape. The beaches on the list range greatly, with some known for their seclusion and mountainous landscapes and others for their hotels and resorts. The beaches that were ranked highest on the various websites were Playa de Ses Illetes, Rabbit Beach, Navagio Beach, Honopu Beach, Anse Lazio, and Matira Point. From the mesmerizingly blue waters …show more content…
Located on the remote island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea, Rabbit Beach boasts it’s transparent blue water, soft white sand, and gorgeous rock formations. Also, it is the location where sea turtles lay their eggs yearly; therefore it is very common for tourists to see sea turtles when taking a swim in the crystal blue waters. Another reason that Rabbit Beach is so appealing to travellers is that it is a nature reserve, so it is extremely clean, and offers no noise pollution because there are no houses in the area. Food is available on the island, and consists of mainly Italian cuisine. The drawback to Rabbit Beach is how to arrive on the island. Travelers must either take an expensive plane flight from a few Italian cities or take a boat ride from Sicily to get there. The temperature is also very steamy in the summer, rising up to ninety degrees, and cool in the winter, falling to 60 degrees (Szabo). Besides these few minor setbacks, Rabbit Beach offers one of the most beautiful landscapes and exciting wildlife for all to

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