Pros And Cons Of Moratorium

Discoveries in the field of genetics have given the world hope for a brighter future. With promises of disease eradication, increased intelligence, and longer lifespans, it is no wonder that people believe that this altering our genetic code is the solution to all of our problems. However, with all of these potential benefits, there come potential dangers. A new scientific breakthrough has come our way. Referred to as CRISPR, this new technology is the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable way of modifying the human genome to date (Caplan et al., pars. 1-3). This breakthrough provides humans with the power to master the genetic code, but are we capable of making the right decisions while in possession of such power? In April 2015, a group of 18 prominent scientists made a controversial plea for a moratorium on genetic research. To add to the controversy, this group included a biochemist that had been on the front end of the CRISPR discovery herself (Baltimore et al.). The amount of power that this technology provides has the potential for catastrophic consequences.

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