Dangers Of Cell Phone Use Essay

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Dangers of Cell Phone Use As of 2016, more than 7.4 billion people have obtained a mobile device without curiosity for cell phone radiation. Scientists began researching the concept of cell phone radiation by determining the causes and evaluating people who had developed brain damage. The science industry and the government have been working together to see if there is a connection between radiation and cell phones. Cell phones are critically dangerous to health by releasing radioactivity, resulting in neural damage, cancer, and/or a brain tumor. Cell phones release radiation from radio frequencies which may affect users’ health. In particular, “Findings from two studies that investigated the health of individuals following 10 years of cell phone use revealed some harmful effects of radio frequency on the ipsilateral side (same side as the cell phone is held)” (Khurana). For example, a teenager named Carrie constantly holds a cell phone against her ear speaking with her friends. Carrie now has a higher risk of cancer, a brain tumor, or any other health defect than before. Furthermore, cell phone users find it absurd that a simple technology, that has been around for decades, can bring any harm to them, but lab experiments have proven that as the years progress of using cellular technology, the brain will be less stable and healthy. In addition, Rosenberg exclaims “as cell phones make and take calls, they emit low levels of RF radiation” (Rosenberg 65). Radiation does not…

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