Dangerousness Essay

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Critically discuss the notion that dangerous offenders can never be managed effectively in the community

Cases such ‘The Soham Murders’ and Jamie Bulger, have given rise to concerns and debates as to whether the perpetrators of these offences are ever able to return to community without the risk that they may commit further horrific crimes. This rise in fear surrounding the release of ‘dangerous’ offenders into the community has resulted in a change in practice for many services within the Criminal Justice System. Probation in particular has seen a shift with a large emphasis now placed upon public protection. In order to effectively achieve the goal of Public Protection there has been a growth in Multi-Agency work, which has been
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(2008, pp87). Kemshall goes on to recognise the important role that Supervision of offenders by Probation, allowing staff to focus on a range of areas including offender behaviour, enforcement, assessment, encouragement, motivation to change, as well as implementing interventions and treatment as required. (2008) Through tailored risk management plans the Criminal Justice and Probation argue that they are able to manage the risk of offender. A number of different commentators have though raised a number of concerns. These concerns include the impact that extensive a restrictive risk management plans have on the motivation of offenders, with some commentators argue that it may result in less compliance as offenders feel like they are isolated and set up to fail. In addition with wide Risk Management plans that involve a number of agencies then there issues concerning communication between agencies, how can we ensure that all agencies involved are sharing information correctly and the risk is being managed? This is a major concern, and has been highlighted as such in a number of reports following SFO’s. The introduction MAPPA was introduced to deal with these failures.

The Criminal Justice and Courts Services Act

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