Dance Reflection Paper

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The final exam for modern 1 this semester allowed me to look at myself in a different light. Throughout the semester I have been working on memorizing choreography for myself rather than relying my peers to memorize the choreography for me. This combination allowed for me to strengthen this specific semester goal, while also allowing me to perform this piece as a solo. This paper will focus on what I saw in myself during the video exam. It will also reflect on how I was feeling while performing this piece of choreography. In the beginning of the phrase it was obvious how nervous I was. Being that not only did I have my peers observing me, but I was also the first to dance I was feeling extremely nervous. As soon as I began dancing it was …show more content…
One of the main things that I have been being told is to remember that my feet need to be grounded. If my standing leg is grounded I will be better at stabilizing myself when doing things that require for me to balance. Secondly throughout the phrase there were points where my arms were not doing the proper movements. This resulted in more of a flailing motion rather than the movements being strong. In order to fix flailing arms it is necessary for me to be more aware of what my arms are doing. It will also be beneficial to my future dance career if I think of my body as a whole rather than separate body parts. Another correction that I would give myself is to reach outside of my kinesphere. I play it very safe when I dance and do not ever venture outside of what I am comfortable with. It would make it much more interesting to watch if I were to push myself to new limits. Lastly, in the last two poses of the phrase it was obvious that I was not curving my spine. This has been something I have been working on for the entirety of the semester. Now that I have a visual I understand why it looks so strange if the entire spine is not curving. I can fix this bad habit by being more aware of where my pelvis is being placed along with rounding the top of my spine. Something else I noticed that relates to rounding the spine when I am in these poses is I needed to release my head. When there are defined shapes like this in future choreography, I need to be more aware of what shape the choreographer wants rather than the shape that I am

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