Essay on Dance Is Defined, By Merriam Webster

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Dance is defined, by Merriam-Webster, as movement of “your body in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of music that is being played.” Throughout history it has evolved to fit the ever changing world around us. From Native Americans to Miley Cyrus, dance has remained a popular activity, whether for religious aspects or entertainment purposes. It seems no matter the style of dance, regarding the past century, there is always disapproval somewhere. Usually this disapproval comes from older generations who are unwilling to surcum to new trends. Over the past hundred years, dance has been continuously altered by younger generations interested in contemporary ideals. History has proven dance as a controversial subject. In Brie Hiramine’s article, “Controversial Teen Dance Crazes That Pissed Off Parents Throughout History,” she steps through different time periods explaining parents’ frustrations with new dance trends. Hiramine first explained the Renaissance Age of 1500 where the “Volta” became popularized. The Volta required men to lift women into jumps and leaps while dancing closely together. Hiramine says, “ was still deemed indecent and lude in some circles. ” By the 1800’s, the Waltz was the dance well known and practiced. It also involved men and women dancing tightly together. Their arms and legs had to act as one in order to move across the floor gracefully. (Hiramine) the Waltz was at one time thought to be “territory of ‘prostitutes and adultresses.’”…

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