Dance Format : A Traditional Dance Essay

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As a traditional dancer, we love to support our dance history and those traditional Kathak dance format represents the cultures strength, tradition and physical enthusiastic but today people are getting addict modern stylized dance. Those Kathak dancers are dying species and they are only 100-150 left today and they are part of our culture. They created our culture strong and valuable and we are losing those people day by day. It has a lot of reason behind that. They are not making good enough money today and people do not appreciate their performance they used to. On the other hand, governments are not taking care of those dance activities. This dance format name is Kathak and this dancing and gestures is the old classical format. This dance format made by Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore and he was also strong song writer in the 20th century in Bangladesh and India. In 1911, he performed first with this format and it was hit because of its style and uniqueness. People also believed that dance format was valuable for physical and mental refreshments too. It starts with slow movement and end with the slow movements too and it takes 10-15 minutes to completes. It has almost eight forms and Kathakers are story tellers also known “he who tells a story” or “to do with stories”. Kathak dancer not only complete the dance they also complete the story which they have related with personal life or society.…

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