Fall Dance Performance

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On November 15, 2015, the University of Southern Mississippi hosted the Repertory Dance Company Fall Dance Concert. This was primarily a showcase for dance majors and students that displayed phenomenal dance skills. Held at the Mannoni Performing Arts Center at the university’s campus, the performances highlighted various blossoming dancers with a wide range of unique dance styles. This was a superb opportunity to gain a different conception of dance, which for an experienced Jazz and Hip-Hop dancer, created the perfect challenge. The auditorium the dance concert was kept in contained about two hundred seats, and each member of the audience was dressed in the finest clothing. Not only the dimmed lighting generated a soothing atmosphere, the …show more content…
The music played was “Courante” by Roomful of Teeth, and the dance consisted of six dancers. From their neck to their ankles, each dancer was dressed in all black and a red sash wrapped around their waist. At the beginning of the song, steady, heavy breathing developed a decent tempo for the dancers. Similarly in the first dance of the evening, this dance commenced in a cluster formation, and the dancers slowly separated from each other. There were plenty of floor movements, such as the entire extended body rolling on the ground or legs crossing over one another. As soon as the vocals in the music were introduced and the tempo increased, the dancers presented one of their most powerful scenes. Scattered in different areas across the stage, five dancers came onto the left side of the stage in a huddled position while another dancer leaped into the center of the pile. After the five dancers caught her, they picked her up into the air and carried this lift until they were positioned on the right side of the stage. This was so powerful since the stunt was performed effortlessly to the spectator’s point of view. The irony of this piece was the different stunts observed made the audience grasp a breath of air from the graceful suspense.
These two pieces of dance, along with other dances performed in the dance concert, presented the pure aspect of art and gave the spectators a novel perspective of modern dance. While the dance concert was progressing, I felt very harmonious and in sync with each dancer. The best part about viewing each dance is imagining myself on stage dancing along with the other experienced dancer. Finally, I understood the intimacy and the different stories behind each piece of

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