Dance Classes At The Athletic Club Essay

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How will you reach out to men who wish to engage in dance classes at The Athletic Club? Outline two marketing campaign ideas that you could put in place to draw men to your programs. What kind of posters, slogans, advertisements, contests, branding, or other ideas could you use to reach out to male participants?
In 1976 social scientists Deborah David and Robert Brannon described four aspects of masculinity, one of them being “no sissy stuff” (David & Brannon, 1976). Based on that, it is not surprise that even today men that participate in activities that are perceived as feminine, try to distance themselves for the feminine elements of these activities not to be perceived as homosexual or feminine and try to make their pursuit seem more heterosexual and masculine (Haltom & Worthen, 2014; Rogers & Sanders, 2012). Furthermore, studies conducted on men who participate in dance a common theme between the experiences of the males participating was internalized homophobia which creates a negative environment for the dancers (Haltom & Worthen, 2014). The following marketing campaigns will attempt to attract dancers while keeping in mind those factors that may affect the decision of men to participate or not.
The first marketing campaign, will try to overcome the stigma that feminine activities such as dance make participating males “homosexual” (Haltom & Worthen, 2014). For instance, T.V. commercials that show female dancers being attracted to the male dancers. By showing the…

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