Essay about Dance Captain For Our School Musical

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… And 5,6,7,8! The lights shine on the stage, the music begins, my heart is pounding, and I start to dance. For as long as I can remember, dancing has been a part of who I am. I have put in an endless amount of time, sweat, and blood, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. It brings me so much joy and freedom. Dancing is something that feels unnatural and silly to many people. It is not as easy as it looks. Through the years of countless classes and recitals, I know plenty about being the student. Becoming the teacher is a completely different story. This is why I decided to be the dance captain for our school musical, “Grease”. I have always loved performing and I was interested in auditioning when I was offered to help out as a dance captain. I was in charge of choreography and assisting the dance numbers in the show. I thought that it would be a great way to be involved while being an intriguing learning experience. I chose this to use as my project because I am very passionate about the arts, was able to learn while doing something I love, and was an extensive process. I also got the chance to bring to life my own creation on the stage, which is pretty magical. Throughout my speech, I will explain the steps and responsibilities of being a dance captain, what I learned, and how I can connect it to my future.

My essential question was: What are the responsibilities required to be a dance captain, and how can choreography efficiently be taught? The first thing I did…

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