Dance At Oip Dance Centre Essay

896 Words Nov 26th, 2015 4 Pages
On November 9th, I participated in a style of dance that I have never encountered before. At OIP Dance Centre in Toronto I took part in a heels class taught by Angela Mahoney. Heel dancing has jazz funk and some burlesque elements to it, but heels are worn. Jazz funk dancing in a style that incorporates hip-hop and jazz movements. All the movements that are shown are all developed around the fact that heels are worn. Sometimes the movements are very simple so that heels can be worn. It is all about knowing where your body is at all times, because keeping balance in 4-inch heels can be difficult in addition to dancing. Heel dancing helps gain confidence and builds physical strength. Furthermore, heel dancing is a new style of dance so there is not a lot of realistic history of it. Simply it a new twist of adding modern shoes to a styles that has been around for awhile. Heel dancing is seen as a intimate, sexy style of dance. Many stereotypes are given to this style of dance but we should eliminate the stereotype that it is a feminine flirtatious style of dance. Due to the fact that heel dancing is a new style of dance, and there is not a lot of information of the history of it I will focus on the history of jazz-funk and burlesque dancing as these styles are what makes up heel dancing. To begin, burlesque dancing is an entertainment art form that evolved from the late 19th century. This style of dance is about being flirtatious and the art of teasing the audience. It a…

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