Danbury Hotel Essay

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The Danbury hotel in Boston is one of the classiest hotels in the hospitality world. The hotel was opened in 1920 and its beauty and appearance was considered exclusive to the country. The hotel had guests that were reflected to be a class above the rest like kings and rulers. The Devonshire Industries in 1979 took over The Danbury and later leased the hotel to a management company called Hotel Management International. In 1986 the hotel went through a major $30 million reformation and reinstated its original splendor.
The hotel is going through a period that is highly effected by situations, which as a consequence, is not permitting the hotel to advance itself and accomplish any sort of profits. Being in the city of Boston and having aggressive competitions from hotels like Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, the hotel needs to recuperate and changes need to be made for the hotel to develop its performance and persist in the current market scenario. Issue Statement

The management has many areas to look into and develop an amendment plan. There are numerous complications and breakdowns in the structure of the hotel resulting to the downfall. Firstly, The hotel is overstaffed. This can be said as to handle 535 rooms there are around 650 employees. Because of this, the labor costs
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It is really important for the management to convince staff in embracing change. This will be done for overall benefits of the hotel. To meet the growing competition in the market, it is extremely important to bring changes to the hotel as the guests expectation is higher every time they visit the same property. Apart from the guest’s satisfaction and memorable experience it is extremely important for the employees to embrace change for controlling the cost. For example, the chef who was not ready to change the making procedure of juice and mayonnaise. It is important to change to achieve the common goal of a company, i.e.

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