Dan Gable Essay

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Jason Tsirtsis
Astronomy 110-6

Dan Gable: Legend On The Mat & In The Coach’s Chair

Dan Gable is titled by many as the most legendary amateur American wrestler and coach in the history of amateur American wrestling. To put into retrospect of Dan’s popularity in the wresting world, Gable is the Michael Jordan of Basketball, the Pele of Soccer, and the Muhammad Ali of boxing, everyone has heard of Dan Gable. That is how legendary Dan Gable is. But what single attribute made Mr. Gable so special and unique? To pinpoint one certain accolade that made Gable a legend is almost too hard. Dan Gable had an almost normal life growing up as a boy; he began his fame by his wrestling accolades as an athlete at Iowa State University
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Diane was found dead in the house, murdered by her sixteen-year-old neighbor, John Thomas Kyle (Nancy Raffensperger, WCFCourier.com). Dan dedicated his career to his sister’s life. “Hey I’m going to make her proud. No Matter what, she’s going to be up there looking down and say about me, “ Hey, that’s my brother right there.” She may not be able to be here with me, but I’m going to make it easier for her up there” (Holland Stephen 25). Dan had an outstanding career as a prep in high school, never losing a match and going sixty-four and zero, while winning three Iowa High School State Titles. (That is an impressive feat; I just got done with my high school career and was fortunate enough to win four state titles. Knowing the countless hours I put in training to accomplish that in high school gives me a great respect and understanding for how tough that accomplishment was for Gable to overcome.) His prep career brought him to Iowa State University, where he began making his mark as the legend he is known for today. Dan had a work ethic that was unmatched during his competing days. Many of Dan’s teammates were even scared to wrestle Dan in the wrestling room each day at practice because he wrestled with such intensity and tenacity, that no one else wanted to line up against him. Dan’s motto every single day in the practice room was to grab and wrestle the best guy that he could find (Smith Russ 63). To have that motivation and

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